5 Day Sculpt Challenge

Learn how to use the world’s most researched and proven strategies to kickstart weight-loss, boost immunity and get in the best shape of your life!

Get your 5 day pass at just ₹199!

Lose Your First 2 Kgs EFFORTLESSLY!

Dieting can be hard, especially if you have a busy schedule or struggle to build habits and lifestyle changes.

The Sculpt Challenge uses the most researched & proven strategies that work with the busiest of schedules and guarantees health benefits like:

  • Weight Loss
  • Improved Calorie Management & Appetite Control
  • Less Cravings, Hunger & Dependence on Snacks
  • Improved Immunity & Gut Health
  • Higher Energy Levels, Better Mental Focus & Productivity
  • Improved Quality of Life, and Results That Last the Test of Time

You also receive all the tools, resources and guidance you need to stay motivated and consistent, maximize weight loss, build strength, get in shape the healthy way, and most importantly, learn how to maintain and stay in shape!

Here’s Everything You Get For Just 199!

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1. Starter Plan: Self-Paced / Do It Yourself

  1. Sample Diet Plan with Indian Meals & Lots of Options
  2. Calorie Calculator, Weight Loss Guidelines, & Tons of Tools & Resources!
  3. Scheduling, Planner, Consistency Tracker & Goal Setting Tools
  4. Mindset Coaching Tools & Techniques to Increase Motivation & Consistency
  5. Snacking Guide, Portion Control Guide, Healthy Shopping List, & 200+ Recipes with Indian Options!
  6. Nutrition from Real Food, No Supplements or Artificials
  7. Travel Guidelines & Cheat Sheet to Stay on Track!
  8. Intermittent Fasting Guide with Separate Guidelines for Women & People Over 40.
  9. Guide to Maintaining Weight after Reaching Your Goal
  10. List of Metabolism-Boosting Foods and Ingredients!
  11. Techniques to Manage Stress and Beat Cravings!

Get resources & value worth ₹7500 at just ₹199!

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2. Premium Plan: Guided / 5 Day Personal Coach

  1. All of the resources listed above plus the following:
  2. 5 days of coaching, daily check-ins & whatsapp support with a dedicated coach
  3. 5 days of customized workouts with professionally-recorded videos that you can perform anytime
  4. Access to mobile app for goal setting, progress tracking & daily feedback on all your meals & activity
  5. 1 consultation call with your dedicated coach

Get coaching & value worth ₹10,000 at just ₹499!

Your Daily Schedule For The Next 5 Days:

Day 1

Receive your materials, access to app, workouts, and introduction from your coach. Perform your first workout and update your coach at the end of the day.

Day 2

Goal-setting session with your coach. Select any 3 easy strategies or improvements that you want to start following. Connect with your coach at the end of the day to celebrate your wins and plan your next few days.

Day 3

Explore mindset coaching, visualization, meditation, goal setting and other techniques with your coach to increase motivation, consistency and rewire your brain for success.

Day 4

Explore & select more strategies that you would like to use in the future, discuss them and have Q&A session with your coach.

Day 5

Step on the weighing scale, share your progress and celebrate your success with your coach, and complete your consultation call to set your fitness goals for the next few months, get a detailed plan of action, and ask your coach any questions you have.

A System That’s Proven & Trusted By Thousands Of Clients


Starter Plan: Do It Yourself / Resources Only

2,000 199

Premium Plan: Guided / 5 Day Personal Coach

5,000 499

Offer Ends Soon!



Vinay Bhambwani

Celebrity Trainer, Nutritionist and Behavior Modification Specialist with 9+ years of experience.

Portfolio includes diverse groups like corporates, foreign nationals, actors, athletes, teenagers, seniors, and individuals with physical limitations.

Founder of Physiques By Vinay & Muscle Manual Magazine.

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