Mindset & Behavior Modification Coaching

Fuel Your Growth and Unlock Your True Potential!

How often have you set a new goal and failed at forming new habits?

Using the science and psychology of Behavioral Motivation, you can improve your motivation and consistency, while building positive habits and lifestyle changes.

“Your mindset can be your best friend or your biggest enemy while trying to make positive lifestyle changes.”

How Does it Work & What To Expect

The program includes weekly consultation sessions via video call where we’ll discuss your goals, values, and challenges. We’ll also use fun quizzes, assessments, and tests to improve self-awareness and explore your values and beliefs.

Sessions are held in a supportive environment of non-judgment and unconditional acceptance to help you overcome personal struggles and obstacles.

Who Is It For?

Mindset coaching is for anyone who wants to achieve lasting lifestyle changes. It’s especially ideal for:

  • Individuals struggling with motivation and consistency.
  • Anyone looking to build new habits and make positive lifestyle changes.
  • People who want to improve their mental focus, productivity, and mindset.
  • Those having difficulty making lifestyle changes (such as quitting smoking or sticking to a fitness plan).

What This Program Is NOT

This program is not intended to replace therapy or treatment for any physical or mental condition. It’s not a self-help program for building wealth or mastering a skill, and is not a fitness, workout, or diet program.

Master Your Mindset For Lasting Lifestyle Changes!


1 Session: ₹2500

4 Sessions (1 Month): ₹8000


Vinay Bhambwani

Celebrity Trainer, Nutritionist, Behavior Modification Specialist, and Founder of Muscle Manual Magazine.

8+ years of experience as one of the country’s top fitness and wellness coaches.

My coaching portfolio includes diverse groups like corporates, foreign nationals, actors, athletes, teenagers, housewives, seniors, and individuals with physical limitations.

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