Behavior Modification & Mindset Coaching

“Your mindset can be your best friend or your biggest enemy while trying to make positive lifestyle changes.”

Behavior Modification Coaching is a tool that uses psychology to help you increase your motivation & consistency, and build positive habits and lifestyle changes.

How Does it Work & What To Expect

Every week, you get 1 consultation session via video call, where we talk about your goals, values and challenges in achieving them. The program also includes fun quizzes, assessments and tests to improve self-awareness and explore your values and beliefs.

Sessions are held in an environment of non-judgment and unconditional acceptance to collaborate with the client on their goals, gain perspective and clarity, and overcome challenges and personal struggles.

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who wants to overcome obstacles and personal struggles with developing consistency and motivation.
  • Anyone who struggles to build new habits and make positive lifestyle changes.
  • Anyone who wants to improve their mental focus, productivity and mindset.
  • Individuals who are having difficulty with making lifestyle changes (Eg – quitting smoking, or being consistent at your fitness plan).

What this program is NOT

  • Any form of/replacement to therapy / treatment intended to cure any disease, conditions or symptoms – mental or physical.
  • A self-help program intended to build wealth, master a skill, or make overnight changes.
  • A fitness / workout / diet program.

This program is included complimentary in platinum memberships of all my plans. If you want to opt only for mindset coaching to achieve a specific goal, you can use the contact details on this page to book 4 weekly mindset coaching sessions for rs4999.