I’m Starting Over… In Himachal

So this just happened…

When I left home 5 months ago and started this trip in October, I’d just gotten out of a difficult personal situation.

I spent the first 2 months of the trip in Sikkim, in denial and still chasing things that weren’t meant for me. 1 month in Karnataka softened me up to the idea of letting go, and the last 2 months in Kerala forced me to accept my reality. That, along with traveling, working, meeting amazing people, and bonding over great experiences all at the same time was getting overwhelming.

As 2 months passed in Kerala, I started to feel the weight of everything I’ve experienced over the last 5 months of traveling. To add to that, South India just wasn’t the right place for me, and the heat was getting to me. I knew I needed to slow down, stay in one place, be alone and take my time to process it all. Then start over with a fresh approach and mindset.

And there was only one place where I’d feel at home enough to do that…

So as I said my final goodbyes and made my way from the tip of South India all the way up North for my 3rd trip to Himachal, I packed 6 months of supplies and made grand plans for my fresh start in Himachal.

But the mountains had something else in store for me.

While traveling in a jeep with our supplies, the rope on the carrier broke, and a huge chunk of our luggage was swallowed by the mountains – including all my clothes, handcrafted gifts for my friends, my skateboard, yoga mat, & a harddisk full of new content, personal photos & memories that are irreplaceable. All I had left was my laptop, phone, wallet & the clothes I was wearing.

I traveled 5 months all across the country and didnt lose a screw or penny, but on this particular day, I lost EVERYTHING.

Only a few things kept me from having a complete meltdown in this situation:

  1. I was traveling with my college buddy, we were so happy to see each other after 8 years, we just laughed and joked about it the entire time.
  2. Self Confidence – I’ll work a little harder next week and recover the financial loss in a minute. Other than the personal memories in my harddisk, I havent lost anything irreplaceable, and I’ll always make new memories and keep moving ahead in life.
  3. On my way here, I put a lot of thought about where I am in life, how much responsibility I can handle and whether im in the right place to adopt and raise a kitten. AND I WAS ABOUT TO DO IT – until I lost my baggage, and decided to delay it by a week.

The very next morning, we woke up to the cries of a little black ball of fur hiding behind our hotel generator, searching for warmth in a village that’s engulfed in 6 feet of snow. I saw this as another sign, a gift from the mountains.

I came to Himachal to start over, but I see and accept what the mountains are telling me – I could never truly start over until I let go of the past, and l had to lose all my city belongings and memories to learn how to let go and then start afresh.

So this is where I’ll be for the next few months. Starting over, rebuilding, and raising Ash – my little black wolf. And you’re all invited to join me for a holistic retreat in the mountains, just drop me a message and let’s make it happen!🖤

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