7 Common Fitness Myths That You Should Forget This Year

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1. Running on a treadmill is safer for your knees than running on asphalt or pavement.

Running is a great workout, but it can impact the knees – and since it’s the force of your body weight on your joints that causes the stress, it’s the same whether you’re on a treadmill or on asphalt.

The safest bet is to keep using different forms of cardio as variation, to keep your knees safe. Instead of running, use the stationary bike, elliptical, skipping or go for a swim.

2. Doing abdominal exercises or crunches will get rid of belly fat.

While an ab-crunching movement might help strengthen the muscles around your midsection and improve your posture, being able to see your abdominal muscles depends on your overall percentage of body fat. If you don’t lose the belly fat, you won’t see the ab muscles.

But will crunches and sit-ups help you to lose that belly fat? Science says no.

‘Spot Reduction’ doesn’t exist. It’s another myth. Training your abdominal muscles will not help you burn fat from there. You need to be eating in a calorie deficit and working out regularly to reduce overall body fat and reveal your six pack.

3. Machines are a safer than free weights.

Most people assume that machines automatically put your body in the right position and help you do all the movements correctly, but that’s only true if the machine is properly adjusted for your weight and height.

Unless you have a professional trainer to adjust the machine for you, you have just as high a risk of injury, if not higher, on a machine as compared to using free weights.

4. Fruit diets and salad diets are a safe and healthy way to lose weight.

Fruit diets and salad diets are considered healthy because of the vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals that fruits and veggies provide us with, but the truth is that fruit and salad diets are nothing but glorified crash diets which are extremely unhealthy.

These diets will prioritize on getting rid of muscle weight from your body first, and then fat.

Here’s another little known fact: Fruits are full of sugar and starch, which will lead to an insulin spike. Anytime your body creates an insulin spike, it stops burning for a up to 6 hours and relies on the sugar in your bloodstream for energy instead. Fruits contain fructose, which is nothing but fruit glucose, a form of sugar. Going on one of these diets may help you lose weight, but it is unsafe, unhealthy, and you will most likely gain all the weight back within your first month of returning to normal eating.

5. Detox diets are good for your body and internal organs.

Unless you were recently poisoned, detox diets are close to useless. Our vital organs like kidney and liver already get rid of toxins for us and cleanse our body of unnecessary waste. Going on a detox diet will not improve your toxicity or energy levels.

6. Running is the best way to lose weight.

Although running is a great form of exercise, 90% of your weight loss is dependent on your diet, not your workout. If you are eating more calories than what your body needs, running is going to be a futile effort. Also, for best results, it is important to follow a mix of cardio and weight training in order to minimize muscle loss as far as possible

7. Lifting weights will make women bulky.

Gaining muscle size is largely dependent on testosterone, the male sex hormone. Women tend to have the testosterone levels of an 11 year old boy, so it is close to impossible for women to get bulky, even by lifting weights. The female bodybuilders who look like Hulk and have 18 inch arms are almost certainly on steroids that cause them to look that way.

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